Welcome to our photo album. To make things easier you can come here to see all the latest pictures from the Rubino Family. Some things to keep in mind. Only the most recent collections will be listed here. The rest of the images will be broken down by month and year. So for example if you want to see Fathers Day pictures go to June, if you want Christmas pictures, go to December. We hope that this makes finding the pictures you want a bit easier. As a final note, some of the older pictures will have the large images removed from the website. This is just for space issues. If you would like large copy of an image sent to you please send an e-mail to PhotoRequest@RubinoFamily.com. Now on to the pictures!

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The Latest Photos

Date Collection Name
2017 Superbowl Cake and Cookie, Sadie Hawkins, They did what?, The last circus, and Band
2017 Pinhoti Hike
2017 Coloring Eggs, Hunting Eggs, Carla's First Backpacking Trip
2017 CHS Spring Concert, Ms. Terri's New Lawnmower
2017 Daddy/Daughter Hike, Section Hiking the AT

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