Time for a new house! Check out the before pictures!


Don has done it again. He moved. At least this time he stayed in the same state! Of course now he is a HOMEOWNER! Yes, that's right his traveling days may be coming to an end. Of course now that he has a fleet of cars and trucks and motorcycles it must be hard to move.

Their current abode is in the town of Benson, AZ. That's right Arizona. No skiing for this ex-skibum. See the pictures of his old house, or check out the current weather conditions to see how much nicer it would be if you were visiting him right now. And from what I hear he could use the company. Just be sure to bring your tools and work ethic, he is tearing apart his house and "remodeling" it. We hope to have pictures up soon.

Oh and not that we have gotten any real proof, but the rumor is that he no longer looks like Grizzly Adams. And since he looks like his older brother, we know what an adorable mug he must have now!