When you live near the AT (Appalachian Trail) and tell people you are going hiking, they always ask if you are going on the AT. Well, we don't normally hike there (too far away compared to the Pinhoti), but we decided to give it a try. So, we loaded up to head from Springer Mtn. to Neel's Gap. We were ready with enough food for 4 nights, and just about all the packs were under 30 lbs. We got up early and headed to North Georgia. We dropped off the car at Neel's caught a ride with Mr. Pete down to the Springer parking lot, and headed to the start of the trail. The AT really is a nice trail (would be a bit better if they learned about switchbacks, but oh well). We met some interesting folks (tried to take pictures of those we met and talked to, but we missed a few). Got attacked by the Army, climbed all sorts of crazy mountains, saw some beautiful scenery, and just loved life. To make it extra special there was a call for rain, but the weather was wonderful. Well, until it wasn't. Just before we were to climb Blood Mountain, the sky got REALLY dark, I mean like Wizard of Oz type dark. The buzz around was that a nasty hail storm was heading our way that was worse than the storm we could see (that one was tearing down trees!) So, being the adventurous but not dumb types we were, we decided to call it a day. We got the truck, had a cheese burger and a beverage, and then stopped at Neels Gap to check it out. So technically we made it that far, but without being on top of a mountain with hail pelting us. Blood Mountain, we will be back to conquer you!

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