Whiskey Wine

Welcome to your expanded invitation to Jim and Terri's wedding. When you got your invitation in the mail, you may have noticed that it didn't look like the normal wedding invitation. Well, that's because this wedding won't be exactly normal. Sure, there will be the standard elements, a beautiful bride, a nervous groom, guests all dressed up, a church, a minister, rings, and a party afterwards, but this wedding will be a bit more of an adventure.

Jim and Terri are more at home in the woods than in the city, so their church will be in the middle of the woods, the Talladega National Forest in Alabama to be exact. It's not a beautiful cathedral like you would find in the city, but a small, one room log cabin that has seen folks praying in since the 1800's. No stained glass, no gold trim, heck, no power or even running water!

Their reception won't be a nice sit down dinner, but more of a party. There will of course be food and drinks, but more buffet style, where you can eat when you want, what you want. It will be indoors and out. You will wonder if you are lost, but keep going, it's there!

Some people have monograms with their names, but we have come up with a logo to represent us, it's two W's. One is right side up, and the other is upside down, it is to represent whiskey and wine, in the form of a brand that we will use to represent us in the future.

And one of the most pronounced changes from weddings we have been to in the past is found in our gift registry be sure to check it out!

So put on your Sunday finest, and come celebrate with us in a bit different way. It should be a blast!

-Jim and Terri