Terri and Jim met on the Internet back in the 1990's via E-mail. Eventually Jim and Terri got engaged and started to plan for their wedding. Well they got married and bought a house. They decided that a family needed more then just Dogs to do stuff with on the holidays and decided to have a baby.

On March 25, 2000 Katie Mariah was born. She brought a whole new level of excitement and joy to the family, and a perfect excuse to take pictures!

On October 9th, 2001 The Rubino Family found out that they would be getting a bit bigger. Terri found out she was pregnant again!

January 8th, 2002 the ultrasounds showed that it would be a boy!

At 9:43pm on June 7th, 2002 Baby Jimmy was born. He was 6 lbs 1 oz. and 19.5 inches tall!

May 19, 2004 Terri officially decided to end the marriage and filed for divorce.