Dogs.... We weren't ready for kids yet so we did the next best thing, we got some dogs. You could say it was our test to see if we could raise kids together. During our time together we have had the following dogs:


Yorkshire Terrier - This was Terri's dog when she met Jim. She was stolen around Christmas of 96 and we all miss her and hope that whoever has her is treating her well.


Yorkshire Terrier - She was a bitch (female dog used for the purpose of making puppies) and had to get a hysterectomy. The people who owned her decided that she wasn't worth keeping if she couldn't make money (got to love breeders, especially the ones who care more about the money then the animals) so she came to live with us and Terri's grandparents.


White Shepherd / Lab Mix - Jim needed to be around a big dog again and he started to look in the papers. Sasha was living with a family who had 3 little girls and didn't understand that if you crate a puppy for most of the day they will be active and jump around. They put an add in the paper and when Jim saw her he came home with her ( neither the people or Jim planned for that to happen) and after Sasha chewed everything in the apartment (including some metal mini blinds!) she has settled down to be a mostly good dog.


Weimaraner - Daisy also led a rough life, she was full of energy and stubborn (we later found out that she was just being a Weimaraner!). She is definitely the Dr. Jeckel/ Mr. Hyde of dogs, if she gets the attention she needs she is a wonderful dog and a complete angel. When she doesn't look out! We were making fantastic progress with her and figured that if we could just get past her puppy stage we would have another wonderful dog on our hands. But the news came that Terri was expecting, and as the time got closer and Daisy's progress continued to be slow we made the extremely difficult decision to give her up to the Weimaraner Rescue.

Picture Pages!

The following links are to graphic intensive "Photo Album" type pages. You have been warned.

Here are some pics of Jim, Sasha, and Daisy wrasslin!

Don't they look cute gettin' ready for Halloween?

Aww look, they are getting ready for Christmas!



I feel very strongly about having your animal (both dogs and cats) fixed. I am sure that your animal is the best one to ever grace this earth, but there are enough people who breed pets (both on purpose and on accident) and it is really tough on the people at the animal shelters to keep on KILLING the ones who make it there and don't get placed. I give the people who can do that a lot of credit. They do a job that most of us can't do. For every puppy/kitten your pet has that is just one more to be killed. Sure, yours will go to a good home, but what about the one that could have gone there instead?

If you want a pet, please go to your local shelter for a "pound puppy" you will not only be giving it a great home but the gift of life as well. If you must have a pure-breed please check with the rescue operations. They will help you find the one that is right for you and you may even get to not have to worry about teething and housebreaking!