In just 4 days Walt and Jim rode their bikes to Mexico and back. The real destination was Edinburg, TX. On the way there we started out in a downpour (places were declared disaster areas after we left, humm perhaps it wasn't just the rain). About 3 hours later it started to clear, and except for the traffic, it was a good ride. Well, a long ride, about 1200 miles in 23 hours. Straight. The next day we went to Mexico. That was pretty cool but quite the tourist trap, Sunday we got ready for the ride home by stopping at Jim's and getting a new (bigger) windshield put on the Wing. Had to take some pictures of that red Honda-Davidson, it seems to be a frankenstin beast made from at least Honda and Harley parts. Finally came home (by way of the Alamo of course). All in all a good breaking for the big Sturgis Trip coming in August 2003.

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