When Katie was born we were overjoyed, we looked at a beautiful baby girl, she cried momentarily and then stopped, she had 10 fingers and 10 toes, beautiful blue eyes, and looked perfect.

It wasn't until later that night we realized that something wasn't quite as perfect as we thought. What we thought were feet that were just bent a little from being cramped in the uterus weren't straightening out. Then we heard the words "club feet" come from the mouth of the pediatrician. Images of legs without toes, or feet went crashing through our minds, "this couldn't be right, she has feet and toes, they just need time to go back to normal". Denial set in.

Soon we realized that this was not a big deal, how hard can it be to move some bones around. Medical science does wondrous things every day, this is not a major problem like no feet or something. We decided that given the choice we would take some "need to be reshaped" feet vs. a major problem like blindness or something that millions of other people have to deal with. So an appointment was made with an Orthopedic Surgeon.