October 9th, 2001 Terri realized that she might be pregnant and took a test. Well, she passed it! Jim and Terri are now expecting their second child some time in early June 2002.

So far the biggest question that we are asked is if we were expecting it. Well lets put it this way. We figured out what causes this back when Terri was pregnant with Katie. So while it may be a surprise to you that we are having another kid, we knew what we were doing but just didn't let on (pretty sneaky don't you think).

After the trumpets of joy quieted down, Terri and Jim remembered that they have a slight problem. The Name. You guessed it, the age old problem that most people have. But to make matters worse Jim and Terri came up with rules without telling the other person. Here are the rules as they were agreed upon:

Jim's Rules
  • If the child is a boy the name must be a Jr.
  • No calling the child by it's middle name
  • No names that could be a girls name for a boy. (i.e. Jamie, Jodi, Jules... just to list some J's)
Terri's Rules
  • No using the name of a relative that we talk to at least once a year.
  • If it is a boy no calling the baby Jim, Jimmy, or James, or Jr.

As you can see this is was not going to be easy. Jim's first rule doesn't fit in Terri's first rule. So when you heard dead silence coming from the Rubino House you could guess that the discussion of The Name had come to a pause.

Soon it was time to start taking pictures. Of course we put them up on the web.

Here are the Ultrasounds!


On January 8th Terri and Jim found out that the baby is a BOY!!! They then continued on with the "discussion" of the baby's name...

Here is the second set of Ultrasounds!

Finaly they agreed upon a name. It didn't exactly fit the rules, but Jim cheated. He taught Katie to point at Terri's stomach and say "Baby Jimmy" and it was impossiable for Terri to resist that cute little girl. So he will be a Jr. and for a while we will be calling him Baby Jimmy.

At 9:43pm on Friday June 7th, 2002 Baby Jimmy was born. He was 6 lbs 1 oz. and 19.5 inches tall! Apparently he heard that we were going to go in and get him on the following monday because he decided that he wasn't going to let us do that. He started to give Terri some contractions so we headed to the hospital directly after work. Dr. Orr started Terri on Petocin and broke her water. Soon after that Jimmy poked his head out and started to look around. Dr. Orr came running into the room just in time to catch Jimmy before he was all the way out!