The Existential Motorcycle

Al, greasy-handed muse of motorcycle repair and resurrection;
Bruno, patron Saint of leather and chains with holly tool box and skull rings on each finger;
Angel of Acceleration, goggled and helmeted with biker babes clinging to your wings;
Spokemaster, tattooed spirit of wind-in-hair and freewheeling motion;

I call upon you all,
Invoke your power,
request your divine presence here in this little garage...

As suspected,
I am in my own without gods,
or providence
or Karma
or magic
or luck
or even the hand of fate.

There will be no miracles, in this garage,
just me and my own hands, relying upon on another
just me and my own hands.

Anthony De Los Santos
S.R. M/C, AZ

From Rich's Fridge