By: SHOVELSPARKY 8/24/2006 12:57:13 AM

Broken fingers beause you were splitting lanes and you cut it close and caught a Mirror.. now thats a fashion statement..

Fingerless gloves are reserved for those new enough to our lifestyle that they still think it matters how you look when you ride It doesn't.. all that matters is that you ride..

If you ride,,I respect you.. fingerless gloves or not.. I have always found the less equipment I have to wear..the more enjoyment I have. Yes there is a chance of serious injury and even death..
If you ride.. Ride. and if you realy care what other people think of what you wear or don't wear to feel comfortable on your ride then you are quite simply missing the point.. Ride.

Ride long.. Ride hard.. Ride naked for all I care.. but ride,, the fashion will pass..

If your bike will only start on the weekend then maybe you need fingerless gloves to convince the rest of us that you ride. then do that . but bottom line,,... Ride.

If you feel comfortable in the gear you use then screw anyone else,, don't let them harsh your buzz,,.. Just ride, the rest will take care of itself in it's own time...