The day finally came for Jim to go and pick up is new FLHR (that is Harley Davidson Road King for those of you who aren't up to speed on the Harley Alphabet yet). At an early 4 a.m. Saturday morning Jim and Walt took off on Walt's GoldWing. At 12:30 that afternoon, they saw the exit and Jim decided that he should take a picture of his view for the past 8.5 hours, not quite what he was used to. Soon, they pulled in to Rocky Mount HD and George took Jim to look at his new sled. After signing the paperwork Jim got a quick rundown of the features from Steve and then took his first ride! After packing up, Jim and Walt took off for the long way home. The next day with a bad case of sunburn, and about 600 miles on the new odometer, Jim and Walt arrived home after dark. It was a great ride.

P.S. Thanks Walt!

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